Tips for your best wedding photos possible! Part 1 of 3

As we gear up for the holiday season (and some proposals!) I wanted to share a few tips that we think are super helpful to brides! This will be a three part series this week and at the end of it we will be sharing a special Black Friday deal happening soon!

So here we go!!

As photographers, our goal is to help you get the best photos possible on your wedding day! Nothing thrills us more than when we are able to blow your mind with just how amazing your photos came out. But, here's the tricky thing; I have realized that there are some things that brides and grooms just don't even know to plan for on their big day! I mean planning a wedding is a lot of work and a lot of coordination and sometimes our amazing brides and groom just don't even know what to ask for.

So...from prepping timelines, to how to get that perfect light on your wedding day, here is my first round of tips of what to take into consideration when trying to get your best photos possible!

1. Give yourself extra time on your wedding day for just about everything! Trust me on this! Your day is going to fly by and it is so nice to buffer in even an extra 5 minutes from what you plan each part to take. This will take a lot of the stress off of following the schedule and will allow you some time to grab a cocktail, hang out with your bridesmaids and even sneak in a few extra moments with you new hubby!

This shot was taken because we had planned in a few extra minutes after the wedding for photos of these two. It made for some of our favorite from the day! 

2. Book a makeup artist. You want to look your absolute best on the day of your wedding, and a makeup artist will help you do just that! Their one sole purpose is making you look fabulous, so make sure you include in your budget planning from the start! (if you need recommendations I can help you out!) And don't forget to keep your 'freshen up' items in a clutch or cute purse with you throughout the day. That includes a little powder, your lipstick of choice and of course mascara in case some tears cause a need to reapply.

Mariana and Syndey here taking their time to make sure she looks her absolute best! 

3. Look up sunset and plan your Bride and Groom photos around that time! One of the most important times of the day is that sweet time you have where it is just you and your hubby right after you slipped your rings on! Make sure this falls during a time when you aren't going to have horrible shadows and harsh light all up in your business! Golden hour people! Plan for it! Your wedding photos will thank you!

4. Don't let Pinterest be your end all be all for your wedding photos. Let the day unfold naturally! Sure there may be a shot or two that you love, but if you look through your photos that you pinned, I mean really looked at them, you will quickly realize that most of the elements that you love about the photos aren't feasible for your day! That person got married on a beach and your getting married in a chapel- not gonna work. You just LOVE that ring shot on the puppies nose... but your dog would probably swallow it - not happening! Sometimes being so glued to someone else's dream wedding only detracts from the spontaneity and uniqueness of your own day! The goal should be for your wedding to come up with all those Pinterest worthy shots, not copying everyone else! So put down the pins, step away from the board, and come get creative with us as we capture your wedding for its own glory.

Thanks for reading along! Part 2 coming soon!

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