Zach| Senior Portraits

My husband Rick had Zach as a student in his 1st grade (crazy how long ago that was) but as I was editing this session he made he came up and made me flip through some of the photos of Zach.
He said ' Good ole  Zach, looks exactly the same'.

 Interesting how kids really keep so many of the features from when they are little. 

He said Zach always had a great sense of humor, even as a 6 year old. My husband can be pretty sarcastic, and most 1st graders have a hard time understanding that sense of humor, but he said Zach always picked up on it right away and would even throw it back at him. After winter break, Zach came back to school with a poignant note to "Mr. Wagner", telling him about he was sick the entire break thanks to my  hubby who, apparently had shared his strep throat with him.
It still makes Rick laugh.  

A smart one that Zach Cordova. 
And not only smart, but athletic too. 
Zach is the captain of his Mounatin Pointe baseball team and this year they made it to the playoffs for State champions after winning lin 2011. 

Boys' got some talent! 

It was so fun taking Zach's senior photos, kind of completing the Wagner circle from 1st grade to a senior in High school. 

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