Conversation with a Hair Stylist | Lauren Franz-Maurer

Last month I got to collaborate with some amazing artists and vendors in the Phoenix area to create an amazing Boho Styled bridal shoot. 

For the hairstyle I specifically called upon a stylist I had met last March at a wedding. I loved her style and she just had that little extra spunky something with a side of sweet personality. I have watched her online as her Mint Hair Studio has taken off and I  knew I wanted her to be a part of pulling this shoot.

Luckily she agreed and gave Sydney a beautifully done up yet, carefree-style on our bride. 
Just what I had in mind! 

Afterwards she took some time to talk about current trends in hairstyles, advice for brides when it comes to hair, and how to find the perfect hairdresser for you!

Lauren, what hairstyles are in right now for 2013 weddings?
Low chignons, whether they are loose and tousled for a soft romantic look or more structered for the elegant bride. Boho inspired loose waves and braids perfect for outdoor and beach weddings.
Old-Hollywood inpired waves are great for evening weddings.

Awesome, and what advice would you give to a bride about your hairstyle for her wedding day??
"Schedule a consultaion and trial with your hairdresser. I include trials with any wedding appointment. Bring lots of pictures of ideas as well as your dress and accessories. That way you and your stylist can create the perfect look together with ease."

You have 15 minutes to do your hair; what style do you do and why?
 Anything involving any braid. I like to french braid just my fringe, creating a headband and a super cute, quick hairstyle. 

You have a Studio in Scottsdale, whats it like and what are your ideal clients?
My studio is quaint and relaxing. I definitely have a vintage-modern aesthetic, it's really cute and fun. I am able to give my clients full attention in my studio, it's all about making them look great & enjoying the experience! My ideal client is anyone who takes pride in the way they present themselves, & loves coming to get their hair done.

So what is the best way to find a hairdresser that fits your style?
 Ask your friends with hair you love where they get it done! Ask strangers out on the street with hair you love where they get it done, ask random people you follow on instagram where they get it done. If you love their cuts and colors chances are that stylist can do something for you that you'll love. My business runs almost solely by word of mouth. So don't be shy, ask away! 

Awesome! Thanks Lauren!

And now... a few photos from her amazing work at our boho shoot! 

Check out Lauren's website to see more of her work and her cute studio!


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