Jenn Sans Glasses | Life after Lasik

Walking down the hallway at work yesterday I approached one of my co-workers, who, as I got closer got a weird look and asked "What's wrong with your face?". 

Just straight up. 
Whats wrong. with. your face. 

Aaaaaaaand welcome to the world of no makeup and no glasses.  Its a good thing  I was in a great mood cause all I could do was laugh. 
I had Lasik done yesterday and I'm not allowed to wear makeup for 1 week. *By the way I can see fantastic now!*

So my adventure as "Jenn Al Natural" has begun. 

And I get it. I look different. Everyone is used to seeing me with chunky black glasses, and makeup. To be honest, I'm used to seeing me with rims; used to seeing the entire world through plastic.
And posting a photo like this is easy.

But now, there's nothing that separates my face from the world. Nothing to 'hide behind'. Not even a coat of mascara or some eyeliner. Its just me. Just Jenn. 

Jenn sans glasses or eyemakeup. 

And to be honest. I like it. 

Its making me embrace my face, my looks, my blonde eyelashes and small blemishes.

The things I usually cover up or enhance every single day. 

My thoughts have been on this lately, our natural beauty. If you haven't seen Dove's campaign for natural beauty and the sketches they did... you need to watch it here.

Looking through photo albums, I'm "done up" in. every. photo. Smiling, dressed cute and makeup on, I wouldn't put the others one in there.
But why not?

So late last night, I decided to do an impromptu self portrait. And i wanna share.

 I'm being vulnerable today as I embrace my new me. Posting a photo without any foundation, no coverup, no mascara or even lipgloss.
Cause its just me. Straight from the maker's hand.

 And even though I probably would not voluntarily go no makeup for a week. Its a discipline with vulnerability and openness that I'm embracing.

For if I can't accept myself for who I really am in front of the camera, why should I expect others to be so open?

Here's to embracing who we are.


  1. You're beautiful Jenn! & I applaud your bravery! Congratulations on your new & improved vision! I have no doubt that your craft & life are about to get even sweeter! <3

  2. Love this blog! I had seen the dove campaign a couple weeks ago and it is so true that as women we have a very skewed perception of ourselves. I think it is awesome you are doing this! Thanks so much for sharing!
    AND congrats on the lasik...I am sooooooooooooooo jealous!!

  3. Thanks friends! I was a little nervous posting, especially with wet hair haha! : ) Appreciate your positive response!

  4. Great post, Jenn! And the self-portraits... beautiful, natural, simply YOU. Love it. :)

  5. I looooove you Jen! Man that is so encouraging!! I just cut all my hair off again (God told me to!!) and i forgot how exposed i feel sometimes and i feel boyish when i don't wear makeup...thanks for sharing, You are so beautiful!

  6. You looked even more beautiful Jen! Arizona eye care doctors and I also hopes to see your blog about the procedure. What was the feeling and stuff like that. Keep blogging and keep inspiring!