Mariana Marie | Interview with a Makeup Artist

She strolled in with her cute mint headband and mustard shirt, carrying her huge kit of Bobbi Brown makeup and side pouch, full of brushes and accessories. 
Mariana has that air about her; one that is sure and calming. A confidence that only comes with experience and following success. 

Makeup is one of those things that so many people overlook when they plan out their shoots. I always tell my brides when they are planning their wedding to look into hiring a makeup artist for both their engagement session and of course wedding day. 

My thought is... "You are hiring a professional to take the best photos possible, your face is the FIRST thing everyone will look at on your photos, and most specifically your eyes and smile, why not hire a professional to make those look as amazing as possible?!" 

Do it! You won't regret it. 

When we were planning out the boho shoot I knew I wanted Mariana Marie on makeup. She is spunky, talented and knows how to pull together a look.
 She specialized in Bridal, Boudoir and Editiorial work, so check her out here!!


After our shoot, Mariana was nice enough to answer some questions I had for my brides about bridal makeup trends, when to book and her current go to lipstick! : ) 

Mariana, what looks are in right now for 2013 weddings?
 The Boho look is so popular right now. Soft lines and smooth flawless skin. Keeping with the style of this shoot actually :) Everyone wants a nude lip! 

What is your go-to lipgloss/lipstick right now?
I am a makeup junkie. I bet I have over a 100 lip sticks in my personal bag. I never mix kit makeup with personal makeup.  My everyday lip is Nars, Blonde Venus. So pretty and most everyone can wear it. 

Nice, sounds like the boho shoot was right on time! So what advice would you give to a bride when it comes makeup and their big day?
I always tell my brides that makeup is a tool to help them look and feel more confident as they walk down the elise. Its about being yourself, just more enhanced. I prefer to give my brides a timeless look. So in 10 to 20 years, they can look back and still feel that same bliss they did the minute they started their journey as a bride. 

Well you are amazing, how long have you been doing makeup and why do you love it?
I started my passion for makeup when I was a wee little girl. I grew up acting and modeling, and always loved my time in the makeup chair. I loved it more than the actual modeling. I have always loved fashion and styling, it comes with the job. I worked in the Scottsdale/ Phoenix fashion world for a few years as a stylist and assistant to a big name. In 2007 I decided to go to cosmetology school and become a full on stylist. Graduated and got licensed. Was hired by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics out of school on a freelance basis. Started traveling with them and doing local events. I have freelanced for other major cosmetic lines, photographers, magazines and companies. It is so fun to see my little girl dream turn into my big girl job.
I love makeup because of the power it has to make you feel better about yourself. To me there is nothing better than the smile I get from clients when they look in the mirror and see their enhanced self. The inner confidence that makeup brings is amazing. 

Some photos of the amazing Sydney; Makeup by Mariana

Awesome, so when should I tell all my brides to contact you to book their wedding date?
About 3-6 months out from the wedding date. This allows for a trail to get scheduled, and time for any last minute ideas. My wedding season books out around 4 months out on average. If I can't take on the wedding due to being previously booked, I refer out another artist. Its so great to be in a business where there is so much talent, and such great people. I love the other artists that I get the chance to be creative with. 

You can check out her work here and see if your date is available for your next shoot! 

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