Sweet amazingness | An Interview with AZ Sugar Fairy

One of the best parts of the Boho shoot was at the end when we had finished up... & still had cupcakes left...


The Red velvet with cream cheese buttercream was my absolute favorite! 

AZ SugarFairy Cakes and Sweets was kind enough to provide the amazing cake and cupcakes for our shoot... and Roni, the owner and cupcake extraordinaire made a little extra for us too.  After the shoot, she was kind enough to give us some insight when it comes to popular trends in cakes this season, why she loves what she does, and when to book your cake.

Check out more of Roni's work at: AZ Sugar Fairy. 

In the meantime, enjoy some eyecandy! 

What are popular flavors right now for wedding cakes? Any popular trends as far a layers, fondant, or accessories?
Right now I am getting a lot of requests for Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Buttercream. Cupcakes are also popular for weddings now. A popular trend that I am receiveing requests for right now is Ombre fondant/and Ombre for the actual cake, usually a vanilla cake w/ lots of the same color from dark to light. Although I love the way whipped cream tastes, the most popular frostings right now are fondant and buttercream.

How far our should brides book their cake needs for a wedding?

Depending on how busy their baker is, some are booked out a year or more in advance. I would say a minimum of 6 months in advance, or earlier if it is "wedding season". Many bakers offer payment plans so if the couple needs to make payments, it may help to book out further in advance.  

How long have you had your business?
I have been on my own for about 2 years. I have been baking and decorating cakes since I was in high school and have been doing cakes with my Mom and sisters since then,  we still all help each other out when we get big orders they are Cake Ladies Custom Cakes ;)  

Why do you live what you do?
NO CLUE. It's my outlet. It calms me. This is my alone time, I do this mostly at night when everyone is sleeping. I can disconnect all the crazy noise in life and just create edible art. Sometimes you amaze yourself at what you can put together. LOL. 

What's your favorite treat you make?
I just recently started making cookies. I am obsessed with decorating sugar cookies right now. It is definitely my favorite treat to make right now.  

 Last one, if my brides want to hire you for their wedding, what should they do?
  • They should first look through pictures on websites, magazines, bridal blogs etc. to get an idea of what type of cake they are looking for.
  • Do they like a certain look of frosting? Figure that out. If they LOVE how fondant looks, but whipped cream is less expensive, the look of the cake may be enirely different than the picture they had in their mind as the textures are different.
  • How many guests would they need to serve? This is a huge element of figuring out costs as most bakers charge by the slice or serving.  
  • Request a quote and a date. Provide as much detailed information of what they would like the cake to look like and how they want it to taste. Frosting/color/style/how many tiers/do they want fresh flowers, etc.
  • Put a deposit down. This saves the date. I am a one man band and only able to take 1 wedding order per weekend in order to keep my sanity. Once someone puts a deposit down, that is their guarantee that their cake is in my books and the date is reserved just for their wedding or event.

Awesome! Thanks Roni!
Wanna get in contact to book your cake through AZ Sugar Fairy? 

Email her at: Info@azsugarfairy.com
Or Call: 480-253-9663

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