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I met her on set at a Muscle Milk commercial shoot, and I was instantly drawn to her. The way she took control of the models' look,was very detailed in her approach, and the lengths she went to for her clients to ensure they had amazing options... all very impressive.

Tiffany is a wardrobe consultant and personal stylist in Phoenix and I was so grateful to get to work with her on our recent Boho shoot. 

Tiffany has got the perfect balance of being super detail-oriented and knowing what she wants in a look, without be bossy about it. She is such a pleasure to work with and I loved having her pick out all the details, from the dress at Uptown Bridal, down to the earrings, necklace and head piece. 

I had this vision of what I wanted for the shoot, just was not sure how to make it happen; 
Tiffany pulled together an amazing combo and I was so pleased with the pieces she chose for our Boho bridal shoot. You can check her out on her website here. 

Here are some behind the scenes photos from our shoot and an exclusive interview with Tiffany Tank!!

So Tiffany, you are a stylist, what does that mean and what do you get to do?
As a freelance wardrobe consultant & personal stylist I get help my clients navigate through
the confusing & ever-changing world of fashion through my wide array of styling services.
From their own closets to the retail shelves, my clients learn the tips & tricks of style, trends,
size, shape & shopping. How to buy: what, when & why… and how to incorporate those
items back into their own wardrobe. I also offer special event styling & makeover services.

I am also the In House stylist at JANI Model Management; so I have the privilege of styling
fashion forward photo-shoots & editorials with our models.

What would you recommend for a bride that wants a "put together look" when it comes to
bridal party/bride and groom?

My biggest advice is to be true to you! Don’t worry about trends or what’s “in” right now,
your wedding should be an expression of you & your groom! What are your favourite colors?
Incorporate those colors into your theme: invitations, place cards, flowers & your bridesmaid
dresses. As for the groom, just make sure his shirt, vest & tie (or bowtie) match your dress. If
your dress is white, make sure he’s wearing white! If your dress is cream or off-white, make
sure he’s in the same shade. If he wears white & you wear off-white, he will make your dress
appear dingy & vice versa.

What trends/fashions are in for 2013 when it comes to wedding dresses/accessories?

Emerald may be the Pantone color of the year but coral is definitely the go-to color when it
comes to bridesmaid dresses, especially this summer season. Lace is very on trend for bridal
gowns, as is the addition of peplum (when done right, this is gorgeous)!

Okay, you have 10 minutes to get ready, what is your go-to cute outfit right now? Read go!

Since the heat is on here in Arizona, my go-to staples right now are:

1. A long sheer tunic, leggings, wedges & a headscarf
2. A maxi dress, denim jacket, sandals & a fedora

I’m always piled high with my favourite colored accessories this season: coral, turquoise or
mint & I never leave home without giant sunglasses!

Why do you love being a stylist?

I’ve loved playing dress-up since I could dress my Barbie’s, now I get to do that every day.
The best part of my job is making my clients feel as beautiful & confident on the outside, as
they are on the inside!

Alright so if one of my brides needs some help putting together her look, what would she need to do?

Simple! Email me:

Thanks Tiffany!!


  1. Fab interview! I am biased, but hey :) Btw the first link to TNT's blog is busted somehow..?