Mugo Family | Portraits

There is a chemistry that is created between my clients and I when I get to see families more than once. 
Its like we go on this journey together of who are you, do we trust each other and are you really gonna make me look good in these photos??? 
After two session together over the last two years, the Mugo family has come back for a third this year. 

Love love love. 

Ricky my husband was with my on this shoot and I was happy to not only have his help with lighting, but for him to get to meet one of the reasons I love what I do... I get to work with amazing people. 

The Mugo family has been with me from the very begininning. They were one of my earlier session the first year I started doing family photography and it has been such a joy to watch this family grow. 

New hairstyles, missing teeth, but continual love. Elizabeth and Adison are amazing parents that truly cherish their boys, and with each session I love peeking into just a little part of their family heaven. They have two sweethearts for kiddos, Eiven and Nigel, and I always leave my session smiling. 

Thank you guys fro a great time! 

I love this one of Eiven. 

Thank you Mwaura family for continuing to trust me with your precious familys' memories! 

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  1. I know this family and you did an amazing job of capturing their spirit. <3

  2. Thanks Janice! Their really are an amazing family. : )