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Every time I step into Uptown Bridal, I wish I was a bride again. The environment is so friendly and welcoming and the selection of dresses and accessories are so diverse and unique I wish I was the one trying everything on! 

Before our boho shoot, Uptown let Tiffany and I come in for a dress fitting for our model and we found the most amazing dress and accessories. I know from multiple experiences how attentive the ladies at Uptown are to each bride that comes in. They take special care to make help find the perfect dress for each girl that makes them confident, beautiful and shine on their big day.

The fitting... 

Even though we loved most of the dress options, Nicole helped steer us towards the perfect option. We chose he Enzoani Beautiful dress and combined it with the Bel Aire Birdcage veil and the Sophie Tolli lace headband. Paired together with the jewelry we picked out at Uptown, it made the perfect combination for our bride! 
( See below for extensive details on products used in this shoot). 

Afterwards Nicole, one of the owners of Uptown, answered some questions that are super helpful for new brides as they begin their journey to find their perfect dress. 

How far in advance do most brides find their dresses?
As soon as the groom 'pops' the questions, brides are eager to find the perfect gown.  Whether it be a year or more before the march down the aisle or just around the corner on the calendar, brides purchase when the time is right.  Designers typically need 5-7 months to produce a gown, but brides with quickly-approaching wedding dates, find success selecting a gown off the rack or a gown in stock.

What advice would you give to a bride who is about to start the dress process?
What's more fun than a day out shopping with the girls?? A day out shopping for a bridal gown with the girls!!!  Here are a few tips to making the day stress-free, super-fun, and successful.
    * Make appointments with the boutiques you wish to visit. 
    * Do some research on each business, read reviews, and listen (and obey) each store's requests and policies.
    * Make a day of it, including a meal or two, but don't over schedule.
    * Make yourself look and feel great!  You are going to be staring at yourself in a mirror wearing a wedding gown, after all!!
    * Relax and have fun

What do you think is most unique and amazing about Uptown Bridal & Boutique? 
The most amazing and unique aspect of Uptown Bridal is  the experience.  From the gorgeous setting to the professional and friendly consultants, and all the little details of love in between, each bride should feel like her gown shopping experience was picture perfect... maybe even better than the movies!

What's the best part of the job?
Visiting with a bride after the wedding date, seeing her wedding images, and hearing all about her day is the most rewarding and fun part of our job.  Our brides are all beautiful in our boutique, but seeing on their wedding day... BREATHTAKING!!!

Thanks to Uptown Bridal in letting us showcase their beautiful dresses and accessories during our shoot! 

Uptown Bridal Product Information: 
Enzoani - Beautiful - BT13-21 

Bel Aire Birdcage veil - 1980

Sophia Tolli lace headband - AY010 

Bel Aire Veil - V9999 

Meg Maya rhinestone post earrings 

Meg Amanda lariat necklace

Everything Angelic mother of pearl earring - e227

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