Get it Josie! On the fly shootout in Vegas.

My cell phone buzzed near the end of a lighting class at WPPI.  Some newly made photog friends were going to do a shootout and were wondering if I wanted to join.

 I have learned, that I have never regretted taking an opportunity to shoot.  You learn so much by actually getting out and doing it. So when the chance came to shoot with some other great photographers, I jumped at it. So, I  quietly slipped out of the class and headed to the meeting location with my equipment in hand.

And i didn't regret it.

Surrounded by beautiful buildings, weather and energy, I met up with Phil and Josie to scout locations so Josie, our model, could work her magic.

It was so fun to not only have another photographer to work off of for posing and creative inspiration, but having a photographer as the model made it magical cause she knew what looked good and rocked it!

And here are the results of our little shootout.

Phil behind the scenes. 

The dream team. Jose and Phil, so thankful to shoot with you! Will always look back and love our little shootout! : )

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  1. Oooh these are so great! I love all of them. Your detail shots are just perfect...Lifeguard shot was wonderful. Love that black and white, off angle looking back over the shoulder. Love that middle one of the three in the second to last pic. You're so brilliant Jenn!