JM+ Amy| Wedding day at The Farm!

They wouldn't stop smiling. 
All. Day. Long.  

JM stood at the front of the aisle, hands clasped, groomsmen besides him, wearing an eager smile. Everyone waited in anticipation as family and bridesmaids made their way as the music played. 
And as the crowd stood up for Amy to walk down the aisle, tears formed in JM's eyes as he caught his first glance of his bride walking toward him. He brushed them away, laughed slightly and then refocused all his attention on his beautiful soon-to-be-wife. Amy's smile matched his and as their hands met at the front of the aisle under the shade of a overhanging tree, they looked at each other, and both smiled at the future that stood before them.  
This is one of the coolest couples. Not only were they laid back enough to going hiking the morning of their wedding (how sweet is that?)  but the joy they had throughout the day set a relaxed tone for all of their family and friends. It was beautiful, and seriously, they both smiled and laughed the entire time! 

This is the story, of Amy and JM as told through photos from their day.. Enjoy. : )  

I hope your cheeks are rested from such a happy day! 

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of capturing your memories! 

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