Trevor Dayley | Spontaneous Portrait Session

It was 55 minutes before I needed to be in a cab to head to the airport in Vegas.  Trevor wanted to shoot, and he too, had one hour. We met up 5 minutes later and headed out for a last minute hoorah with Josie and Phil.

We're in Vegas and have an hour to spare, why not?

I met Trevor a few days earlier at WPPI before heading to Airplanes and Blazers and we hung out for hours before I realized he was from Arizona and is also a wedding photographer!  Yay! How cool is that? Too bad we had to travel to Vegas to realize we live 1/2hour from each other. 

We had a blast running around, chasing the light and swapping camera time. I loved watching him work, and though he said he was camera shy, we  got him to come out of his shell. : ) 

Here's to a great last minute shootout! Thanks Trevor for your spontaneity and letting your personality shine through in front of my lens. You. are. awesome. 

The walk. 
One of my faves. 

In his natural shooting element. 

Boom. Thanks for letting me capture you Trevor Dayley! And for doing your walk. That... that was something. 

Love our friends and fellow shooters! 

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