Full week as a Photographer; walking into a pool, the strip and a flashmob.

While I love and am so thankful for my full time job in marketing, it was refreshing to be full time photographer for a week straight at WPPI. I got to focus my time, mind and energy on my photography and where I want to take it in 2012. I got to dream, take notes, and learn about my art and how I want to craft it.

It was invigorating, inspiring and needed.

I spent the week with some AMAZING photographers, making connections, grabbing cameras for last minute shoots and in class soaking up the knowledge of those that have been in the industry much longer than myself and bring an element of realistic goal planning into focus.

Highlights of the week!

So many eager minds that with similar visions. So good to dream together. 

My favorite takeaway was how to really engage and love on your clients. Yes they are clients but they are people. I am so blessed by those who have let me capture their love and I need to show them my appreciation better! For those of you reading, thank you!! : ) 

This is me sitting in Jasmine Star's class, i got there late but just walked straight to the front row and found a seat! It was meant to be. Then I asked the guy sitting next to me to take a photo of the packed out session.  So thankful for inspirational photographers like Jasmine that are willing to share their knowledge. 

Going with three girls from AZ made the whole trip SO much more fun! These girls are amazing and we laughed so much in our little suite. Check out their work: 
Shannon Karczewski: https://www.facebook.com/shankaphotography
Elizabeth Langford: https://www.facebook.com/elizabethlangfordphotography
Cortney Talbott: https://www.facebook.com/cortneytalbottphotography]

On our way to Airplanes and Blazers which was an amazing Photographer part at Planet Hollywood. We may have riden in a limo to get there... : ) 

We played some game that cortney brought and DIED laughing that night together!

Walking Vegas and capturing the action on the strip.

Making new friends and shooting! 

One of my favorite things about WPPI was the fact that everyone was willing and wanting to shoot! A highlight was two spur of the moment shoots that I went on with other photographers around the MGM Signature. So great to see other styles, posing techniques and just feeding off the energy of the other pros was awesome! 

Funny side note... see that pool behind her, well we were on the other side of it later and little did i realize that there was a shallow pool right by me and I was so into the shoot i literally WALKED right into it. Luckily my camera didn't get wet, i just stood there laughing. ahaha! 

My beautiful friend Cortney. 

The last day I was there I was packing up when i heard about a last minute shoot going on, I grabbed my gear and met up with Phil, Trevor and Josie to spend my last hour in Vegas shooting. 

oh... and i got to do a flashmob on my birthday... can this trip get any better? (im on the right in the colorful shirt with the robot arms, oh yeah..) I'm waiting on the official video and will post when i get it! : )

So thankful for having the opportunity to go to conference, make some amazing friends and learn from some of the best! 


  1. Great post :) Looking back, the time went way too fast. I already can't wait for next year! So grateful we've met. Being with you is more fun than running through WPPI naked with a brown paper sack over my head. And trust me...that would be fun.

    1. ahaha! love it! what a great week that was! can't wait for 2013~