Cafe Roka; Why sorbet makes me feel fancy

Ok, if you've never heard of Bisbee I wouldn't be surprised, but I would encourage you to visit if you are ever in Southern Arizona. A few weeks ago my husband and I travelled down to the quaint little town to have dinner with my in-laws to celebrate our birthdays. 

Now we aren't the super fancy type when it comes to dining. The closest we get to 'fine' dining is usually a nice steak from our own barbecue and the only time we use multiple forks is when we accidentally drop our first one on the ground... But this night was one of those nights where we had 5 courses served to us and boy did we feel fancy! We dined at Cafe Roka and were served tiny portions of delicious soup, salad and my favorite *sorbet*! Yes right in the middle of the meal they brought out this delicious lime sorbet for us. I was a little confused until i was informed it is to "cleanse our palette'. 

Didn't know my paletter needed cleansing but i went with it and loved it! 

Great night, great food, wonderful people! Thanks Ron and Joanne for a great night! 

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  1. What a beautiful posting, Jenn. I am sure Cafe Roka will appreciate the "free" advertising!! I am so happy that you & Rick enjoyed the meal & atmosphere. It is a place one can't afford to visit frequently but on special occasions it is well worth it. Sure hope to treat your parents to Cafe Roka one of these days.

    Love you,
    Mom Joanne