Sherman Family

There is this thing that happens sometimes with photography. You try to plan out the poses, get everyone with their eyes open and make the kids genuinely smile. But then... there are these moments that happen, the ones that are true deep connection between humans. They usually happen when you don't have the camera pointed at them. But, if you pay attention, and you're lucky, every once in a while, you'll catch it. 

This happened with the Sherman family. I was set up to take a photo of Trevor and Ryan, when I realized that right beside me a 'moment' was happening between Ellie and her momma. I flipped around... and I got to capture... this...
I can't plan this. 

This is something as a photographer, that truly brings me joy. capturing this exact moment between a little girl and her mommy.  Its something you can't fake no matter how great your equipment or how complex your lighting setup.
And *this*. This is why I do it. Because as much as we love the photos of everyone smiling and looking at the camera. Its the little things. Those little in between moments of true love and affection that makes life worth it. 

And that is why I am a photographer. 

Thank you guys, for letting me capture your beautiful family, and for having that love that makes those 'little moments" possible. 

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