Emily and Sara Rock it for their Senior Photos!

I've always been jealous of the magical bond that twins seem to have. That inner sense of being one, having shared the same womb, bedroom and life. 
These are two special girls. 

My baby cousins. 

The youngest in our family of so many uncles and boy cousins, these two came along and brought a whole new dynamic to our large, male-dominated family. 

These 'baby cousins' are now in their senior year of high school. They are headed to college in the fall and I'm so thankful I got to capture these last fleeting moments of them together, in high school before they run out into the world and emrace their independent adult selves. 

They are smart girls, with great heads on their shoulders, and i love them both. 

This is so Emily Gill. 

And this, is so Sara Gill. 

Here's to your last year of high school, would you rather questions, and laughing till we cry over ice cream sundaes.

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