Getting Away - Our Family vacation 2014~

It happens to everyone. You work hard day after day, month after month, and you start to get burned out. I could feel it coming on and I knew by the end of September I would need a break. We all did! After Kaiya was born I had about a month to recoup and enjoy being a new mom, and then everything flew into fast gear and business took off and with it, went a little bit of my sanity. 

So, to Telluride we went! I cannot begin to express how amazing this trip was for us. Even though we spend a lot of time together as a family, there is something so unique about being away, in the cool mountain air, away from work and the day to day responsibilities. It gave us a chance as a family to bond together, to spend all day together everyday, eating breakfast on patios, sipping coffee and walking arm and arm down the streets of the little town and dipping our toes in the riverbanks. We spent hours reading and relaxing, my hubby did sudoku while I journaled and ate. A lot. Like a lot a lot of amazing food. Ribs, ice cream (yes I ate some dairy on this trip), pancakes with strawberry glaze, steak and truffle fries... oh my the food was amazing. Like before the trip I was 2 pounds under my pre-baby weight, and now, 2 pounds above it. for real. WORTH IT! 

We stayed at the Inn at Lost Creek and enjoyed breathtaking views from our little studio each morning and hopped on the gondala each day for quick rides around Mountain village. 

Nine days away from Phoenix and the daily grind, and I have come back feeling refreshed and renewed. Taking photographs of my family that I now love and cherish gave me a great reminder of why I do what I do. I love how each little photo brings me back so instantly to a beautiful memory that I love reliving, and how I am so blessed to do that for brides and grooms every day. This vacay couldn't have come at a better time as today launches my fall season and we jump back into the swing of all the weddings and family sessions coming up in the next few months. 

Thanks for following our little journey! We love our sweet family!
 The first time our AZ baby had ever worn a jacket and beanie; I don't think she knew what to make of it! (thanks Baby Gap for making such cute baby clothes!)

The town of Telluride just below... 

She *loved* that water bottle. Like obsessed had to have it in her hands the whole trip. I dunno. :) 

 We love our happy girl!

We stumbled upon a farmers market one day and I was in heaven, Kai obviously loved the jam and sweet homeade baby bibs we bought her! 

Her first taste of a peach. This was the before, it got really messy fast. : ) 

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