Butcher Family | Now a family of 6!

The Butcher family recently became a family of 6 with the addition of little Josh to their family. I love their story so I asked his mom to share a little bit of their journey and its so sweet I just had to share with you all. Thanks Maren for sharing your heart and your journey with us! We are so excited that Josh has such a sweet and loving family full of amazing older siblings to love on him! : ) 

"Josh is literally a dream come true. The idea to pursue the adoption of a little boy from Korea started with a dream. This dream grew through prayer and conversation into more than just a nice idea. We became certain that there was a little boy across the sea that was meant to be our son. 

We were matched with a cute little five-month-old baby boy in November of 2012. As is common with international adoption, it took another year and a half and a flight to Korea to meet him in person. We flew to Seoul as a family and met Josh in June 2014. What a happy meeting that was! Our family sensed that he recognized us and we immediately felt that he was part of our family. Josh took turns sharing his snacks with us and we blew bubbles, played and sang songs with him. After a second trip to Korea, we were finally able to bring him home."

He is such a sweetheart!

"Upon arriving at the house, Josh gave the kids hugs and kisses and took the them by the hand and squealed happily as he entered. His toddler exuberance for life, his curiosity and his endlessly sweet spirit has filled our home with an extra measure of energy and joy. What a blessing!"


Thanks so much for sharing your heart and your family's story with us! 

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  1. What a beautiful family and a heartwarming story. Joshua is so lucky to have them - and they are so lucky to have him!

  2. They sure are! They are all lucky to have each other!