Tiffany | Headshots

She's the kind of person that puts you at ease immediately. 
Her soft smile and warm personality gives off this welcoming vibe and settled spirit. 

She's confident in herself and has got that intriguing quirky-independent-girl-on-a-mission in life thing going for her too. 

I gotto travel abroad with Tiffany last November when we headed over to Egypt. It was an amazing experience and one you can't help but walk away from really letting all your colors come out. I got to see this woman in good situations and really difficult, through low times, persecution and  praise.

She's grade-A good people.
I'm so excited for her as she pursues her passion in acting and loved taking some time to capture her for who she is now, and get a glimpse of meaning to the depth behind those big beautiful eyes.  

Without further ado, my friend; Tiffany. 

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