Brad + Vanessa | Engagement Session

They had just arrived in Cali and were eager to see the last fireworks show of the night in Disneyland's Downtown Disney District. They quickly threw there stuff down and off they went. Brad had been acting a little funny that night, only walking on one side of her and sporting a heavy jacket in 85 degree weather... but Vanessa didn't think too much of it...

They strolled  the shops and restaurants, soaking in a beautiful start of a memory together. 
Amongst the beautiful Disney ambiance and sparkling lights, he pulled her to a side waterfall, away from the noise and crowds... 
And it was there that he started to tell Vanessa how much he loved her, how he couldn't imagine his life without her... and that he couldn't wait to come back one day with their own kiddos.. 

He got down on one knee...

And asked the life-changing question... 

And of course... She she gave an estatic YES! 

Brad and Vanessa! You guys are amazingly cute! Your love is genuine, playful and full of fun! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of capturing the memories of your love, and upcoming wedding! I cannot wait! 

"I had thought about marrying Brad back when we became friends at 15 - We had this indescribable connection; he just got me and I got him. We were always together and the very best of friends. I had always thought what an amazing life we'd have together if we took it further. So almost 8 years later... we did! haha. After that first kiss, I knew I wanted this to be forever. I had never met anyone like him, since I first thought it at 15, and I knew I never wanted to let him go. I had always loved Brad and I knew I always would!" 

"Vanessa reminds me every day that life is a gift and to cherish the little things. From her beautiful smile to her infectious laugh, she makes the world a brighter place.  We have shared countless memories together, we’ve been fortunate enough to travel and embark on many adventures.  I look forward to laughing, learning, and exploring new things as we continue this journey side by side."

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