Jenn Wagner | Behind the Lens Confessions!

Okay friends, I have a confession to make. 

I've gotten pretty comfy behind the lens. 
 Sometimes, I must admit... I even think to myself.... "Its not that hard, look natural!" 

*My bad* 

I had a good reality check in the form of a photoshoot while I was in Santa Barbara and let me tell you, being behind the camera is way easier than being in front guys. 
I mean... I've seen some awkward stuff before, but I've never had clients give two thumbs up. 

What the...?

What was I thinking? Thank you Phil for including this one in my Pass Gallery, by the way, I needed some proof of how awkward I can be. :  ) I was fidgety, awkward with my arms. 
Not quite sure what to do with myself. 

LUCKILY!! I had an amazing photographer that coaxed out the natural fun playful side of me out.  Phillip Van Nordstrand is an amazing photographer and I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with him while I was in Cali a few months back. You absolutely need to check out his sweet work here:

So to all my clients, I promise I'll be nicer to you in my head, after all, I'm way more awkward than you are! : ) 

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