Andrew + Andrea | Engagement Session

It was Martin Luther King weekend.
Just last year. 
Andrew and Andrea were headed up North to the Sunrise Ski resort with their close friends. 

They had just arrived when Andrew asked Andrea to go for a walk. 
As they walked together amongst the beautiful mountains and snow, Andrea realized Andrew was no longer with her... she turned around to find him down on one knee. 

No. Words. 
Andrea was speechless and totally in shock. 
As Andrew asked her that amazingly small but powerful question " will you marry me", Andrea's eyes filled with tears as she realized the magnitude of the moment. 

She of course said yes and spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with their friends. 

Andrew and Andrea! You guys are so amazing and I can't wait to capture your beautiful wedding day. Your joy and love is contagious and I love being around you! Thanks for an amazing engagement session, seriously so much fun. 
Andrew you rocked the high kicks like no man I've ever seen; Andrea I want your calves! 



"We always have so much fun no matter what we do and that is what I love about Andrew. I knew I wanted to marry him the first time I went back to his hometown with him to Illinois. His environment and family was so humbling. It just made sense to me why he is so amazing! He is so much fun and easy-going. And he has such a passion for life that I admire. Seeing him in his roots, made me realize how special he is and I just knew I wanted to be with him and marry him one day. " - Andrea

"I am looking forward to all the wonderful adventures we will go on.  I can’t wait to see her mature into a mother, go on trips around the world, see our kids grow up.  I’m so curious/excited to see what beautiful children we have.  There are so many things that I can’t wait to get to.  Before we know it, we will be having our 50th anniversary! " - Andrew

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