Slowing Down the Crazy Train

This has been one of the hardest years of my life. 

I've been working full time in marketing and also running a photography business. 
And can I just be real honest? 
I love what I do; but its wearing on me. 

You always see these inspirational quotes on places like pinterest and facebook. 

Short quippy statements that make you want to get up and go to the gym. 
They look so energetic; an inspiring shot of caffeine in a quirky fun font. 

But I know the truths about working hard to get where you want to go quite personally...and it doesn't always take the form of clean and stylized typography. 

Its messy. 
Its hard. 

It looks like scheduled shoots months in advance and missing last minute family get togethers. 
Its getting up before sunrise to pack your camera gear in the car and head to a shoot. 
Its working Monday through Friday and then shooting three session on the weekends in my free time. 

It means doing taxes, learning software and taking notes. 

Its running from an 8 hour workday, to a shoot, downloading, culling and then making client calls. 
Its sacrifice in the form of time with my husband, friends and personal downtime. 
Lately its kind of turned into a crazy train doing all of it. 

Its been 2 years this month that I started Jenn Wagner Photography.
I've put my mind, heart and energy into capturing the memories of others

And I. have. loved. it. 
Through the toil and the stress, its been an amazing experience. 

The work is starting to pay off. 
And I have some exciting news; news that makes calm feel calm and sleep deeply at night. 

In two weeks I'll be going part time at my marketing position so that I can focus more on my photography, my passion and my family.
Just typing it, getting it out there, feels like such a breakthrough!!

Because its time.
Time to slow down the crazy train.
Time to sort through priorities and find balance.

I've enjoyed building up this business, but I can't lie, those quirky quotes are totally right; 
Its been some really. hard. work. 

- Jenn 


  1. I'm so excited for you Jen!!! That's awesome news. Congratulations! You are a fabulous photographer and you have worked so hard!!

  2. Thanks Liz! You've always been such a great support! I wouldn't be here without you!