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The venue, the schedule, the flowers the seating chart. 
All important, but sometimes daunting parts to planning your big day. 

But your wedding dress?
That's the fun part my friends. 

Its all about you, finding that perfect dress that compliments your style and that will  help you radiate on your special day. 

It is its own special event that you get to invite your bridesmaids, your adoring mum and sisters too. You feel gorgeous trying on gowns while imagining what it would look like as you walk down the aisle to your groom. 

Ladies, the best place to do this is at Uptown Bridal. 
If you haven't been, GO! I promise you won't be let down. 

They set aside time and a personal assistant to help as you describe the dress you want, try on different styles and personalize your dress with accessories all right there in the store. 

They are super friendly, have a wide variety and give you plenty of time to try on dresses. 

I recently went there with a bride and snapped some photos of their amazing bridal shop. It was my first time, and it is a must when shopping for your perfect dress!

Check them out here! http://www.uptownbrides.com/

Plenty of seating for your party to come and watch you try on dresses! 

Love their selection! 

The owners of Uptown Bridal are sisters, how cool is that?!

Huge thanks to this gorgeous bride, Cindy, for letting me post a few of her from her session!

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  1. Thank you so much Cindy and Jenn! We had such a fun time with you! Please don't be strangers!
    Tonia and Nicole