Rhiannon | Portraits

If you don't know her, I'm sorry, but you are so missing out. 
Her name is Rhiannon, but we call her Rio. She has a personality that bubbles over and is infectious with her laughter. She asks good questions, the ones that lead to deep soul searching and self discovery. She is forthcoming and  trusting of others.  Her open book policy draws you into her life story and makes you want to stay up late under the covers to read ahead on whats going to happen next.  She runs on Rio time and has this thing she does when she's thinking, where she slightly purses her lips together. Children love her and in return she spends her days teaching them how to be good humans for this world. 

She is beautiful, as you can see on the outside. But the inside my friends,...that is where this gem of a girl really shines. 

She is Rio. And she is one heck of a woman. 

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