Jenn Wagner Photography makes it to print. Print People Print!

Its small. 

Its just one photo.

But its my photo. 

Like, I took that thing, loved and edited with my own two hands! 

And its right there. In print. In a *wedding* magazine! It makes it so much more real! 
I am so excited! 

I don't know why but it just seems like this little milestone for me. So happy to be in Coastal Weddings Magazine!

I am excited. So I am taking this little moment to celebrate! Bring out the bubbly and the party hats! I'm doing a chair dance! 

Thank you Katie for being gorgeous and in love and an amazing bride. I loved your day and love that you are now a famous model in bridal magazines. haha

I love what i do. : ) 

Become a famous bride in a Westcoast wedding magazine. Book your wedding now! 

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