Mackenzie Brown | Portraits

One of my favorite things about getting older is watching as my friends  make this beautiful transition form my dorm roommate, to mommy. A few weeks ago I got to travel to OKC for some shoots and it was absolutely so fun to see my first ever college roommate. Leah and I met, just days before we would be living together at OC. We hit it off  the moment we started planning out our room decor and have been friends ever since. 

Leah is good at a lot of things. and during our friendship, I've been able to watch her grow as a leader, an entrepreneur and a successful realtor. 

But this trip. I got to see her as a mom. 

And boy is she good at it. 

Her hubby Kent couldn't make it for the session as he was volunteering at church, and at first I was a little sad. But then, as I experienced the session unfold I realized how much I *loved* seeing my friend, in her element, as mom. So I just rolled with it, capturing the love and relationship I saw before me. I found myself drawn to the interaction of my longtime friend with her kiddos, and it became a beautiful special session in its own way. 

 So here is a compilation of it all. Sweet little Mackenzie, Carter her older brother,  her amazing momma and their love for each other. 



Thank you Leah, for letting me capture this part of your life. Love you friend. 

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  1. Jenn,
    Thank you for such a sweet post about me and my family! I absolutely LOVED having you take our photos, it was so special to me! You have been such a good friend for so many years now. The moments you captured with my kids are just precious, Kent and I looked at them together today and enjoyed every one. The one of her hugging/squeezing my neck, she just looks so at peace. And Kent melts every time he sees that one of her with the wings and kissy(?) face. We can't figure out her expression but its precious. And I love the "day in the life of a mom" pic. And her big toothy grin on the last one, oh man, I LOVE that! Ok, I think I could comment on every picture, so I'll just say "Thanks, and I love them all!"

    Love you friend. You are amazing at what you do! Wish we lived closer so you could take all my kids pics!

  2. Yeah! So glad you guys love them! It was such a fun session and seriously loved being able to see you as a momma. I love your comments and knowing which photos are your favorites! Makes it fun for me to see what you love about them : )

    THanks Friend!