My New Website; The Process!

Meet Liz. 

She designed and helped me launch my new website.She is fantastic and it was seriously so much fun to sit and talk about what would be. During our first meeting, we talked about designs, colors  and the feel of the site.

Between the first and second meeting, Liz was hard at work implememnting the ideas we came up with for my site. She would send me screen shots and color schemes along the way to make sure we were both on the same page.

On our final meeting, we sat for a few hours, plugging in photos, working out transitions between pages and filling in little details to make sure my branding was consistent.  

The amazing Liz, hard at work. (okay we may have taken a few coffee and tea breaks : ) 

If you are thinking about getting your site designed, I highly recommend her. She is great from concept to launch time! You can check out her other work here:

I love love love the work that she created and the easy user interface for my clients! I am so proud of my site and actually excited (for once) to give out my cards that point people to my web presence. 

Check out a few screenshots of the work she did! 

I am also very happy to join a community of people that foster creativity and sharing! Our motto is: Unique, United, Free. 
If you haven't hear of Showit, you need to check them out!

Update! The site has officially launched! 
You can check it out at


  1. You did a great job with the site, Jenn. The color scheme is excellent, and the lay-out is looking good. I know the site will be beautiful. When do you plan to launch it? :)

    -Jamie Viggiano

  2. Thanks Jamie! It is actually just launched! You can be one of the first to check it out at : )

  3. Those are great pictures on your website’s preview. Putting captivating photos is definitely a trick that won’t lose its charm in creating an effective website. It helps in communicating complex ideas that, sometimes, words fail to express.

    Neil Linnen

    1. Ooh love the word captivating to describe my work!! That's like the biggest compliment thanks Neil!

  4. Yes, the easier interface will surely make your website more searchable and navigable for your visitors! I like the way she designed it because it is simple yet full of life. And, Liz is such a dedicated web designer! It's definitely an advantage when you have people like her to manage your site. Cheers and congrats! :) - [Emilia Loza]

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    Sage Aumick

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