Julie and Mike | Maternity Portraits

What is it about us humans and our attraction to pregnant bellies?

I mean, we've all witnessed the moment when a pregnant women's belly grows to certain irresistible round size and suddenly becomes a hand magnet. 
You know exactly what I'm talking about. 

You see these mommy's-to-be getting stopped at the grocery store by strangers,  and at  Kohl's by grandmothers wishing them well. You see friends go in for a hug and then touch the round-smooth-bulging tummy. You watch as kids stare and then shyly want to reach up. To touch. 
To connect.
 To that little person. 

I don't know what it is in us. But we all have that draw.

Cause this... this right here. Is beautiful. 

It is life. 
In its purest untouched form.  Safe in its own little world for just a while longer. Maybe that's why we are drawn to it; its the only thing so close to us, that is about to be among us, yet is so out of reach. 
Whatever it is, it is precious. 

And this woman right here? She's got quite the pull to her baby bump lately.

I mean... how cute are these little things?!

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