Scottsdale Engagement Session: Matt and Ashley

From the moment we met up in Scottsdale these two set a serene and peaceful tone unlike any other session I've had. Their sweet and gentle personalities only added to the ambience of comfort with each other, and I have so many new favorite engagement images after our session together. I look so forward to their beautiful wedding this fall!

“We were in Lake Tahoe for thanksgiving and he asked me to go on a walk with him down by the lake and as we were walking along he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I had a feeling it was coming and when he asked to go on a walk I pretty much knew it was going to happen (he never asks to go on walks lol). The scenery was beautiful though and he picked out an even more beautiful ring. We didn't go ring shopping so that was all him.”- Ashley

One of my favorite things about her is when she gets excited about something, like the weekend for example. We both love it because we know we'll finally get to spend time together after the long week, and I love seeing her face when I get home Friday night.”- Matt
“I knew I was in love with him when I found myself going to him before going to anyone else when something notable happened in my life. He was the first person I wanted to share everything with.” – Ashley
“We were at a friends house and everyone had went to bed and we were just hanging out on the couch watching a terrible movie (sharknado). We had liked each other for awhile so I think we both knew it was coming. I can't remember who made the first move. He would say me and I would say him haha!”- Ashley
“The first time we said I love you, we were at a friends house and we were just on the couch talking, and I said it. It just felt so right.”- Matt
“For our wedding day, I'm most excited about finally seeing her in her dress. I know she picked out the perfect one and it really will be me seeing her at her most beautiful moment.”- Matt
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