Morgan and Aaron, Tucson Engagement Session at UofA!

They met, dated and fell in love all amongst the old-timey buildings on the University of Arizona's campus. It was only perfect that we went back to this special place to take their engagement photos! So last weekend we made the trek to Tucson and walked amongst the buildings, talking about how they met, how they decided to move in together and their future plans for their big day coming up in the fall. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we laughed the evening away while these two reminisced. Morgan and Aaron you guys are the sweetest couple and I am so thrilled you'll be tying the knot soon! I adore you both and cannot wait to see your very first kiss as man and wife! Hugs you guys! 
“Aaron and I met November of freshman year at The University of Arizona. Both of us were business majors living in the business hall. Our paths had never crossed till our mutual friend introduced one night at an event. I was playing soccer at the time and injured myself which the doctors ended up sending me home for two weeks to rest because in a college setting you do not get that much rest. I had to call Aaron and cancel our first date… he asked why and I told him about my injury and that I needed to go home and rest. From there Aaron would text me check in on me seeing how I was doing. Really the only “friend” at the time that was consistently checking in on me. When I returned back to school after the Thanksgiving break we finally had our first date. From there we went into finals and Christmas break apart. It was not until the end of April that Aaron finally asked me out officially. We only had 13 days till summer. When I had to say good bye to Aaron for the summer I had never felt the way I did so I kind of knew that must of meant I loved him. Many nights into summer we were on skype and  he randomly said “I love you” I was like what I am sorry did I hear that correctly?”- Morgan
“He did not ring shop. I had showed him what I wanted and he knows my obsession with gold so he knew it had to be set in gold. He asked my mom what ring size I was. My reaction was complete shock. I had no idea. Being the planner that I am I usually control everything. I am trained to stay one step ahead so I am always I know on everything. For him and mother to have kept this from I was pissed for about 0.2 seconds and then soo happy!” - Morgan
“I went home for the summer and Morgan and I were skyping and she was just being her typical self. She was going through everything she had planned for the summer including a trip to come visit me for the 4th. It was just a few night before her trip and I could help but I said "Love you" at the end of our skype call. Caught her off guard, she laughed and said it back.” - Aaron
  “Our first kiss was right outside out dorm hall La Paz on campus. He made the first move.”- Morgan
“Aaron and I had planned a trip to Vegas to meet up with all our friends from college and he told me that his friend that had been dating his girlfriend for not even two years were going to get engaged on the trip! I was happy for them but so mad at Aaron because we had been dating for 5 plus years. In my head I was like really. Aaron is in public accounting and I am in the hospitality so the first part of the year for us is slightly crazy! We both 12 hour plus days and I have too many events on my calendar to keep up with. So he told me that he might thinking of proposing after our “busy season” I was like of course the accountant would say that. The next month I planned my dream trip to NYC with our best friends. Working in the hotel world I am obsessed with big name hotels such as Plaza hotel in NYC. We were approaching the Plaza and found out that it is closed to non-hotel guest. I was mega bumped out about not being allowed in but little did I know our friend and Aaron were all trying to plot a new proposal spot. We decide to take pictures in the park right outside the plaza. As I am walking away from the picture Aaron pulls me back and gets down on one knee. I was in complete shock. I was so thrilled.” - Morgan
One of my favorite thing I love most about Morgan is that she is so caring towards her family and friends.  She remembers everyone's birthday, when they are interviewing for new job she calls her friends wish them luck or talk through questions, she calls many people in her life just to say hello and check in. She will stop anything and everything if someone in her family needs her.  She always says the benefits of having a big family is when you need support you have the biggest section of cheerleaders and most amount of support you could ever wish for. “ - Aaron

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