Bryan and Jenna, Desert engagement in Phoenix Arizona

They are the type of couple you would want as couple friends. Easy to talk to, responsible, dedicated and high on the loving scale. Bryan and Jenna are playful with each other and just the right of affectionate, where its not overkill, but at the same time you can tell they totally adore each other.

Our hike out to in AZ desert for the engagement session where we took their photos was so much fun! I have so many new favorites from this session, because hello, look at them. Its like two J. Crew Models walked off set and into my frame! I'll take it! And if our time together is any indication of how their wedding day will go, then I'm sure I have another favorite wedding just around the corner with them. Cannot wait for your Biltmore wedding day with Imoni Bryan and Jenna!

“Bryan proposed on Christmas Eve. He made sure my family and his family were all together and did it in front of everyone after we had all opened a gift. I cried... obviously. I was certainly hoping that it was coming but was still very surprised. We've been together for 11 years so there were many times that I thought he would do it but then he ended up not. We never really ring shopped so when I saw what he had picked I was in shock! I couldn't have picked a more beautiful ring. “ - Jenna
"She said I love you first. I remember the first time I said it, we were in my first house sitting on the floor next to each other after a night out on the town. As I think back on our relationship and all of the time we spent together I wish I would have said it sooner and think now that I could never say it enough." - Bryan

 “I knew for sure, without a doubt, that I was in love with Bryan when we first got our puppy Macy. He had told me multiple times that it was a terrible idea to get a dog and didn't want to do it. I persisted, however, and next thing I knew we were driving to go "look" at a puppy. Once I saw her I knew I had to have her! So we took her home that day. Because we weren't actually anticipating on bringing her home, we had no supplies to take care of a puppy. Once we got home he immediately took her to go get her all her puppy supplies. She slept on his lap in the car ride there and he fell completely in love with her. That's when I knew.” - Jenna

“Bryan is my calm, my sanity, and my home. He is always so steady. His emotions and attitude are always consistent. I love that about him.” - Jenna

"I’m looking forward to having the most amazing partner in life. She’s motivated in her career, I know she’ll be a great mother to our children. We have the same aspirations and goals in life and I can’t wait to continue to achieve those together." - Bryan

"One of the things I love about her is she’s amazing at making travel plans. She comes up with the coolest ideas on places to go and once we’re there she’s great at thinking of fun and exciting things to do. Even when we’re on vacation she’s already thinking about the next vacation we’re going to go on. One thing we’ve talked about is how much we want to travel together so having her have that talent is so awesome. Plus it keeps me from having to do it!" - Bryan

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