Kyle and Anais : Wildflower Mountain Session with Dusty

Dusty headed out to the mountains with this adorable couple to capture this amazing time in their life! Through a little bit of trekking (in a gorgeous white dress mind you!) and a whole lot of cuteness Anais and Kyle were truly so cute together during their engagement session! It was so fun to be a part of capturing these two who have been together for 7 years! Now that is commitment, but now they are ready to make it  permanent  with rings and vows and the whole nine! Their story is incredibly cute with a Eiffel tower proposal, so you gotta read more from them!! We are so happy for you guys, thank you for letting us capture your love! 

Dusty, Jenn and the Studio Girls!

“For the last 3 years Kyle and I send out Christmas cards to family and this year was no exception. Instead of taking our Christmas pictures at home I decided it would be fun to take them while on our trip; so, I hired a photographer and fast forward to yesterday - we took them in front of the Eiffel Tower. It was the end of our session and our photographer is saying her goodbyes when Kyle asks for one more photo. The photographer and I were slightly confused as to why and Kyle showed us the ring box. She said "OH!!!" as my mouth just dropped; after 7 long years it was finally happening. IT WAS FINALLY, THANK GOD, HAPPENING. Our photographer had another photo session right after us that she was running late for, so she posed us quickly and had Kyle get down on one knee *click, shutter, flash* and then posed us again with Kyle putting the ring on my finger *click, shutter, flash* and so on. We were going through the motions and doing as told so she could get the shot (which I very much appreciated) and she said her congrats and more goodbyes and left. We both finally had a second to take in what just happened when I realized and told Kyle, " You know ... you haven't even asked me yet *giggle*" His response, "Oh yeah!! *laugh*" and he started tearing up then I started crying. He asked and I said yes. PERFECTION. “ – Anais
“One of my favorite things about Anais is her adventurous spirit. She is very free spirited and can pick up at any given time and take off on an adventure. She always sees the positive in anything she does where as I am more of a realist and bring her back down to earth. We compliment each other very well.” - Kyle
“I think it was the second night we hung out Kyle was about to leave and we were both standing infront of my house. As we were saying goodbye I told him that I had an urge to kiss him and he told me to do it … so I did! He had me smitten.” - Anais
 "I first met Kyle in 12th grade, We the People. My teacher bumped me from second hour to first hour two weeks into the semester. When I first walked into my second hour class she asked what group I wanted to join for the class project. I saw Kyle, thought he was cute and told her I would join his group. Kyle is too smart for his own good, but will never believe it. He has an outstanding vocabulary, inquisitive and philosophical mind and a way with words which first caused my feelings to develop from "he's cute" to liking him. About a month passed of friendship and we began dating and then about a month or so later I told him I loved him and to this day I still do very much.” - Anais
“What I’m most excited about when it comes to marrying Anais is now I don’t have to hear about it again! We’ve been together so long and she would bring it up time and time again. We are sealing the deal of being best friends and knowing we can count on each other for anything that comes our way in the future.” -Kyle

“She actually told me “I love you” first. It was Christmas and she had written me a card along with my gift. The card was very sentimental and I appreciated it more than I ever think she could know. I don’t know what I did to deserve Anais she’s just always been there for me and has been the person I rely on most in life.”- Kyle
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