Foothills Golf Club | Phoenix, Arizona | Cody and Nicole Wedding

It was a perfect October day in Arizona as these two Canadians escaped the cold and made their way to the Foothills Golf Club on their wedding day. Cody and Nicole wanted a day full of warmth and sunshine, and that's exactly what they got! We were so thankful to be a part of capturing their day, from the final tie of her dress, to their dance together as husband and wife, it was such a joy to capture the smile and love of these two! 

Cody and Nicole, we wish you all the best!! You guys were such an amazing couple and we couldn't be happier as you embark up on this awesome journey in life as hubby and wife!
"I love that Cody's sense of adventure matches mine. We will never stop exploring places, food, and the world together. He makes me laugh, and makes me feel loved. He supports me but isn't afraid to tell me his opinions.

Thanks to all these wonderful vendors for making this day so perfect! 
"The moment I think about the most is the first time I saw her she was so beautiful. That first look was supposed to be private, but there was an audience of 50 people watching us from inside." - Cody
 "The way that Cody looked at me during the first look. He's seen me a million times, but it was fun to know that was the only time he'd see me in a wedding dress"- Nicole

"My favorite part of the wedding day was hearing Cody say the vows that he wrote for me. It was personal, and reflects the history we have together but gave insight into the future of our relationship." - Nicole
"Our first kiss was way back in 2009 on a runway tower in the middle of nowhere Australia. I made the first move!" - Cody

"Cody and I met in Australia. He was on leave from serving in Afghanistan, and went back there after our brief meeting. When he came back to Canada, he immediately flew to the cold prairies (where I'm from). I knew then I loved him. Not many people would make that trip for a girl they met across the world." Nicole
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