12 West Main Wedding Photos | Mesa, AZ Photographer | Kevin and Claire

Claire and Kevin are the type of people that everyone wants to be friends with. 
You know the type. Confident, friendly, good sense of humor, strong family ties and a thirst for a good time.  They are good people, and so they naturally surround themselves with other great people. 

And so, on March 13th, the friends and family of these two gathered and celebrated this amazing couple at the Mesa Arts Center as they become one before Christ. The day could not have gone more perfectly. From the laid back mood as the guys got ready that morning in the basement, to the ladies laughing all through photos together, to the sweet walk down the aisle as Kevin tried to keep it together. This wedding was full of amazing moments and hilarity along the way. 

The party afterwards at 12 West Main needs no explanation as the photos tell all, but I can honestly say I laughed so much during the speeches - like hilarious! It was such an amazing wedding and being there to capture the love these two have for each other was a dream. Their attraction is tangible and their joy contagious. 

Best to you Claire and Kevin as you continue life as man and wife! 

Much love, 
Jenn Wagner and the team! 

Our amazing team of vendors that created an amazing day: 
Vendor: 12 West Main
Dress: WTOO from La Jeune Mariee
Shoes: Toms
Paper Goods: Peabody Papers
Linens and Chairs: 12 West Main
Ring: Zales
Photography: Jenn Wagner Studio

"I think my favorite time of the day was getting ready and the prayer before the wedding.  This time was so fun and special because I had spent so much time and energy planning that I forgot to remember what was actually happening!! The morning of leading up to the ceremony, I was able to just spend time getting so excited to marry my best friend.  The anticipation and excitement built throughout the day as I just celebrated with the people around me and anxiously awaited the actual event!!  " - Claire

"I remember feeling pretty emotional a few times throughout the day.  The first was when Kevin and I prayed together.  That was such a meaningful time for us to pause and have a moment with Christ.  Also, when I was waiting in one of the rooms by myself while the grandparents, mom and wedding party walked down the aisle.  It was the first time all day that I had been alone and I felt so overwhelmed by everything (in a good way!)  I had a moment between myself and God to prepare for what was about to happen which was neat. The  parent dances and speeches were really emotional as well of course, especially with my dad!" - Claire

" I was glad the ceremony space was mostly shaded by the time the wedding started, we were worried about that. Everything else I expected, except for how much I reacted to when I first saw Claire come around the corner. Inside, I lost it. Outside, I was grinning ear to ear. She’s beautiful!" - Kevin

 "We also both loved the time spent taking pictures because it was the first time that we were alone and getting to enjoy just the excitement of becoming husband and wife!!! " - Claire

"The time we had walking around getting our post-wedding pictures taken was amazing because everything was fresh in our minds regarding the ceremony, and we were able to sneak in some small talk which was special. After everyone stole her away from me all week and she was busy planning everything, I was glad to sneak off to Mexico with her for 5 days with PHONES OFF!!! :) :) :)" - Kevin

"We laugh a lot about some  of the dancing that went  on at the wedding! We  have hilarious flashbacks of specific people or songs that were so fun! We also had a funny moment realizing that we were heading to the wrong hotel once we left the reception. Luckily we figured it out  before we got there, but that was just a funny wrench in the day. We also laugh about the random star wars characters that showed up! It was such a strange but funny memory for both of us the next day to suddenly remember that!" - Claire

"Another would be the star wars characters showing up and dancing, that was hilarious! Another thing often mentioned is how many things went wrong/unplanned like the the violinist playing all the wrong music during the processional (our photographers were great though) and yet even with those things, everyone had a blast and hardly noticed. It was a great party and everyone did their part in making it so special. We’re so grateful!" Kevin


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