Montelucia Wedding, Scottsdale Arizona, Dino and Tracie

When we first walked into the bridal suite, it was clear that this party had already started. Tracie sat casually in her makeup chair, champagne in hand while her bridesmaids chattered and danced and made her laugh. We instantly fell in love with this laid back, fun loving bridal party and could see how much love they had for their girl Tracie as she got primped for her big day. Nothing but smiles and cat calls as she transformed into a bride for the day. And all the prep was worth the look on Dino's face as he finished tidying up and headed for their first look. He stood with his back to his incoming bride, hands clasped as he prepared himself to meet his sweet bride on their wedding day. And the smile that appeared as his face lit up upon turning around was just priceless!  
Tracie and Dino, from start to finish, you wedding was nothing but love and class. It is so clear how many people love and support you two and I absolutley adore your love story! You truly have a unique and special love and we couldn't be more happy for you guys! Enjoy your photos, your marriage, and life as man and wife. 

All our best, 
Jenn and the Studio girls.

The amazing vendors that helped make this dream wedding possible: 

Venue: Montelucia Resort and Spa in Scottsdale Arizona
Planner: Sandy Walker with In Awe Events
Photography: Jenn Wagner Studio
Linens and Chair: La Tavola
Paper Goods: Minted
Videographer: Forever Films AZ
Grooms Outfit: Celebrity Tux and Tails
Makeup and Hair: Allison Pinn

“We have created so many great memories throughout the entire weekend and we have the rest of our lives to share and re-live these memories. From hanging out at the pool with everyone, to the rehearsal dinner to the intimate one on one conversation’s with people I may never had an opportunity to have if not for the wedding. The resort did an amazing job throughout the day to make sure everything was perfect for us. And our vendors were all amazing as well. Especially our photographer “Jenn Wagner Studios” and our videographer “Forever Films AZ”, you guys rocked. You were really fun to be around and so super nice to us and really made us feel so comfortable and made our day more enjoyable. So thank you for that!! Oh and how can we forget about how great of a job Matt Nathanson did from “First Officiant” on our ceremony. We had several guest tell us how great he was. They felt like he knew us a lifetime. Tracie and I were very impressed with how well prepared and how well he presented our ceremony. This was an unforgettable experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity that we will cherish forever!” - Dino
"Another really special moment for me was when I turned and saw Tracie for our first look. Wow stunning is an understatement! Of course I knew she was going to look amazing but she looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Also our conversation during this moment was also priceless. And lastly when I heard “How long will I love you” start playing I nearly lost it. I was so overcome with emotion at this exact moment. Then I see Tracie appear at the end of the aisle with her dad and I realized then this is and always will be the best day of my life. The woman of my dreams was coming down the aisle to marry me!” – Dino
"If I have to pick one favorite moment, I would say the first look.  I had debated on and off for a while whether or not to do a first look but I'm really glad we did it because it was an intimate moment between Dino and I that we really needed.  That moment was actually my most anticipated moment of the whole wedding day.  I had wanted to show Dino my dress since the day I bought it so I was over anxious and excited for him to see me in it especially after getting all done up with my hair and make up done!  That moment of walking through the resort to meet Dino for the first time was one I will never forget.  I remember seeing him from a distance with his back turned and I got a feeling I can't even describe. I wanted to run over and grab him! It was excitement and nervousness at the same time!  That first moment together even though it wasn't a very long moment of just us was the best part of my day.  I would love to do it all over again just  to see his face again when he turned around!" - Tracie

"The ceremony was my favorite time of the day.  We picked the Montelucia almost solely on the ceremony site itself because its so beautiful.  One of my favorite moments of the ceremony is when I waiting inside with my dad right before walking down the aisle.  The anticipation of waiting to walk out was overwhelming that I started freaking out but my dad calmed me down thankfully, so I didn't get too emotional... I honestly didn't think I was going to make it because I'm so emotional and so is my dad but he helped me get through it and helped me relax which I needed.  Walking down the aisle with my dad trying not to cry as I saw Dino waiting for me at the end of the aisle is one of my favorite moments of the day. I just remember the feeling like wow, this is actually happening right now!  I dreamt about that exact moment for so long so when it was actually happening it was an amazing feeling."- Tracie 
"My absolute favorite part of the whole ceremony was reading our vows to each other..We wrote our own vows but never read them beforehand to each other so it was a surprise to both of us what each other would say. Reading my vows in front of everyone was the most nerve wracking part of the whole wedding for me but something that was so worth all the stress!  Losing my voice the night before didn't help the nervousness but thankfully I was able to get it all out and it went better than I even expected. When I think back on it,  I honestly felt like it was just Dino and I all by ourselves up there reading our vows.  I didn't even think about the fact that everyone was watching us. There was something so special in that moment of us looking in each others eyes and sharing such special words and promises to each other that will forever be one of the best times of my life.So many people told us later on that they never been to a wedding like that before where vows were so personal.  That part made everything so special and meaningful to us and we would not have had it any other way." -Tracie
“Its very tough to pick out just one favorite time, I truly enjoyed every moment throughout the day. So I will give you the highlights that make up my favorite hour of the day. For starters by far my most precious memory that I will never forget as long as I live was Tracie reading her vows to me. I just kept thinking to myself as she was reading how truly blessed I am to have her in my life. Her vows were very heart felt and listening to her speak to me at that moment made me feel like the happiest person in the world.”- Dino  
“When I talk to family and friends I tell them the one thing I was looking forward to the most was reading my vows to Tracie and letting everyone know just how much I truly Love this girl. This was the reason for us to bring everyone to Arizona and I felt honored to read my vows to my wife in front of everyone. One thing that really matters to Tracie and I is family and close friends. We decided to do a destination wedding just so we had an opportunity to spend more than just one day with the people closest to us. I still keep saying over and over how truly amazing the whole weekend was. All the hard work and planning to make this wedding happen came together amazingly.” - Dino

"I was trying to think of one really funny moment but there wasn't really one that stuck out but the time that we still laugh about together is right after Dino and I just got done saying our vows.We both got so caught up in the moment that we both reached in to kiss each other before the officiant said you may kiss your bride!  Thankfully right before it happened it hit us both that we were not supposed to kiss yet.  but even the officiant made a joke about that after. 
The other time I think I laughed the most is through the best man speech.  His brother Joey with the "babe" references was hilarious because it is so Dino and I. Not everyone got that but it was funny to us." - Tracie

The happiest of all marriages to you guys! I hope as you begin this journey together, you always find yourself right where you want to be!! Best wishes!! 

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