Chris + Amber | Engaged!

I think when we started they were a little bit nervous to be having their photos taken, probably because Chris said "I hope I don't screw this up!"... Well Chris, you did an amazing job, and it probably helped a lot that your fiance looked like an angel! Are you kidding me!? Amber you are gorgeous! We had a such a blast running around the Desert Botannical Gardens and after about 5 minutes of shooting, these two fell into a natural rythmm that made it so easy and enjoyable to capture them as themselves! You guys rocked it! Wanna get engaged again and do another session? : )

I love what he said about the first time he ever knew he loved Amber, made me heart happy!

"I knew early on that I was in love with Amber, but I was afraid to say it. I am pretty sure she knew it before the first time I told her. She is so genuinely sweet and funny. She is pretty irresistible! Specifically, I remember one of our first dates we were grilling downstairs at my old apartment complex. We realized that we forgot the wine and she volunteered to go grab it. I gave her my keys and she headed up the elevator. I lived on the 4th floor and there was a catwalk that you had to cross to get to my apartment. She came out of the elevator and did the cutest walk-run-skip that I have ever seen. I watched her prance across realized how happy she makes me. I was (and still am) amazed and thankful for how well we click together." - Chris

"On one of our first dates, Chris took me out to meet his "Gilbert Friends".  We were sitting outside; visiting with his friends around a campfire. Chris and I were sharing a chair and I remember thinking.. "we're going to have a great life together". - Amber
"He proposed to me in Mendoza, Argentina!  While in Mendoza, we had hired a driver/tour guide to show us around the local wineries. For lunch we stopped at a cute, little, family owned winery called Bodega la Azul in Tupungato. We were treated to an amazing five course meal with wine tasting. Throughout the meal, Chris kept asking, "lets go take pictures" and I kept saying, "no, lets finish eating".  After lunch, he ran and grabbed the driver/tour guide to take our picture. For our picture location, we decided to sit down on a cute, little, white cough in front of the winery, overlooking the Andes Mountains. To my surprise, Chris got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I was completely surprised! I kept asking, "Are you serious"?  He actually had to ask a second time.. "So, what do you say".  My response was, " Yes, absolutely".  - Amber

- What are you most looking forward to about life with her?

Living life. Raising a family. Seeing the world change together!- Chris

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