Something about a Dad and his boy.

I don't know what it is. 

But it happens every session when there is a father and a son. 

You see, little boys usually are not too fond of posing for the camera. Especially since they have to get dressed up, and posing just isn't there thing...

But then it happens...

You ask for the little boy to sit with his dad so you can get a photo of them. 

There is no complaining. 
There is no hesitation. 
They go instantly. 

They want to be close to their dad. 

Little men, drawn to their father. To sit on his lap,to be held by him 
They relax in his arms, there is a genuine smile, and I'm just telling you... 
There. is. nothing. like. it.  

So to all those Dads out there, that sometimes wonder what your little boys are thinking about you...if they need you...if they want you around. 
They do. 

They want you to hold them, To hug them. 

Trust me, I see it first hand. 

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