Mark + Kristin: Engagement Session

He had planned it for months. Plotting out details & special ordering without her knowing. 

But her face was *so* worth the surprise. 

As Kristin sat, surrounded by family and friends enjoying a casual dinner at Pei Wei, she opened her fortune cookie and found more than a slip of paper... 

She found a personalized note that asked her one question: 
" Kristin Miller: Will you marry me?"

Turning to find Mark down on one knee, realizing this was really happening, the words stumbled out of her mouth as she tried to figure out how she went from eating her favorite dish to suddenly in the middle of a proposal. 

The answer was a resounding 'yes'! 

He can't live without her fire, she is his Rojito del Fuego ( Little red Fiery One) and she can't live without his go getter attitude, people skills and amazing sense of smell. (She's never going to have to worry about the milk going bad!)

These two have found a second chance at love and I'm so excited for them both. 

The date is set and January 5th Kristin and Mark will tie the knot. 

Mark and Kristin than you guys so much for letting me capture your easy going, comfortable and genuine love.  So excited for you guys! Thank you for letting me capture your big day! 

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