Nell and Chris | Engagement Session

She had on black leggings, an tan oversized tank top, and her cutest most expensive heels. 

And there they were, wandering the streets of downtown Phoenix, lost, trying to find his car... and laughing the entire time. They stopped to get hot dogs and she put relish on his. He *hates* relish, but ate it anyway because he didn't want her to feel bad. 

But it wasn't the heels, the laughing or the relish oversight that made this night so special. It was the Sade concert they went to before all of this. 

Chris and Nell found themselves in a magical night of dancing, music... and something more. Standing next to each other dancing to Sade's "By your Side"... they found them selves dancing next to someone that they simply couldn't live without. 

This was the night Chris and Nell fell in love. 

This was the night Chris knew he had a found a special connection with Nell. 
He left the Sade concert that night with absolute assurance that he had found someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. 

And so... he will. 
In November Nell & Chris will be married & spend the rest of their lives by eachothers' side. 

Nell and Chris, thank you so much for letting me tell your story. I am looking so forward to your Sedona wedding. You two really are a perfect match. 

How pretty is this lady?

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