Chad and Leah | Engagement Session

After heeding some advice from his friends, Chad decided to check out this girl, Leah, they had been telling him about. It was at Oregano's that he met her for the first time, and he knew that she was someone special. He saw her smile, and lost his much so that he didn't even attempt conversation!

Instead, they connected on Facebook. Exchanged emails. Traded Jokes. Became Friends.

Then Chad FINALLY asked Leah out on a real date. Finding a time that worked for both of them took a while and Leah wondered if this guy was really worth all the hassle. Chad wondered if this girl would see the real him.

Their first date was at Joe's Farm Grill. Chad had even cleaned out his truck for the special occasion. The date was Nice. Simple. Down-to-Earth. Just like them. Leah thought "hmmm...."

Their third date was a birthday party for one of Leah's friends. Chad dared to take on "the Gang" in poker. Leah thought this was foolish but was also secretly impressed.  Chad lost the game but started winning Leah's heart that night. This was the first time that Chad began to really think if she could be the woman he'd been waiting for.

They continued to date and it was after about a year when Chad realized Leah was the answer to his prayer. She is beautiful, amazing and has proven her love time and time again. 

 Life was crazy but they realized they were crazy for each other. One day at the Grand Canyon, while Leah was taking in the beauty, Chad pulled out a sparkling diamond ring. When she turned around, he was kneeling on the ground, with the beautiful canyons behind him. This time, it was Leah who lost her breath.

They decided to put Chad's lucky number to good use. On the third anniversary of their first date, Chad and Leah will be married in a private ceremony on the Island of St. John.
Congrats Chad and Leah! So happy for you two as you start this next phase of life together! 



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