I Heart Engagement Sessions

I love October because this month because I have three engagement sessions with awesome couples that are head over heels for each other. 
I have come to realize the engagement session is one of my favorites, and here is why. 

1. I get to see how you sparkle!

Every relationship is unique and so each couple shows their love in different ways. Some people are quick to cuddle up and plant kisses, other are more reserved or love piggy back rides. But the engagement session lets me see how you love, your sparkle!Your little intriqicies that make your love special  Maybe, you both love to play the drums and eat mangoes together. Maybe your the couple that snuggles up with books for hours together, drinking chai out of your favorite mugs.  Maybe he is so funny that you both laugh. all. the. time. I get to see how you love each other and get to bring that  out on the wedding day. 

 2. You get a dry run before your actual wedding day. 

Be for real, how often are you professionally photographed ? The engagement session is a great chance to get all those 'camera shy moments out of the way. To get on the same page with me and understand how we will compose our shots on your big day. We figure out your style together and have a blast doing it! 

3. I get to know my awesome couples! 

Okay, so I'm a picky when it comes to my wedding couples. I love to work with laid back brides. Ones that will embrace their day as it happens and laugh off the stuff that doesn't go perfectly.  The couples I work with are chill and in love so getting to spend time with these people is actually fun! Its a a low stress, laid back environment. 
Like London Gold, its the best.  

4. Uh, you get to get dressed up, look gorgeous and feel loved. Enough said. 

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