Our little Europe... aka Aj's dessert bar

I don't know what it is about Aj's, but you just park in their spacious lot beneath the lucious trees and well watered grass, and you just kind of feel like you're in a different country. Like suddenly in europe about to try some new fancy food that'll never quite measure up in the states. Aj's, the europe of america. With their outdoor patios, and water features, who *wouldn't* want to eat outside in the 116 degree heat? duh.

Ever since our fabulous honeymoon where we discovered the secret pleasures of their dessert case, we have been HOOKED. Those decadent little desserts, complete with chocolate shavings and gel candies on top (that i hate, but appreciate the thought). We find ourselves frequenters of the AJ's dessert section. Really only that section, (cause i can't justify paying 5 dollars for milk or 8 dollars for organic cereal. no thanks.)

can you tell we'd just gotten our first dslr camera and had no idea how to use it?  yeah the above is what my photos used to look like. Yay for learning and growth! ; )

Whenever we go we find ourselves standing in front of the shiny display like little kids trying to pick out a prize at Peter Piper Pizza. You know when you did that as a kid? Your parents dropped 20 bucks on tokens for ski ball. 15 minutes and 82 tickets later, you are walk up to that prize booth hoping they'd magically lowered the price of the boombox to 60 tickets so you still have some left over for tootsies and a chinese finger trap. but alas, your parents point out you can get stuff on the first two shelves and you suddenly are a math wiz calculating how many plastic spiders and round translucent poppers you can get. (remember those poppers you turn inside out and lay on a flat surface and they *pop* back? and then you get brave and try it on your hand, and then your brother convinces you to try it on your face??)

*alright i drew this one out too  long, but the imagery of excitment is there.*

Its those same feelings with us at AJ's. every time we go, we give ourselves a budget as the cool ac hits our faces and the reflections of the sweet confections come into focus.

" Okay jenn, we get 8 dollars to spend tonight".

" How about 9 so i can get a tea too?"

He always says yes. He's the best husband ever.  And as we stare, contemplating our options and finally picking out the one we want to try, i can't help but feel that same thrill of getting to choose a spectacular prize. These little trips, to our little europe, they make summer awesome.

and so does being married to someone that shares : )

Happy Wednesday!

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