Dodging trains and takin names: Photographer Corey Schwartz

What a blessing this portait shoot was! Corey is a fellow photographer that has been in the business for 5 years, but has been shooting for years. The only thing that exceeded his impressive equipment  lineup (which took up the entire back of his suv) was his knowledge of the business. We set out for Tempe Beach Park about an hour before sunset, (which in Arizona still leaves you plenty of time for a sunburn) and we had a great time!

Corey was kind enough to allow me to use and experiment with his lighting equipment during the shoot and answered questions  as i tried my hand lighting the scene. He was so kind and so talented to a newbie just starting her journey. What a pleasure to work with!

We were both sweating bullets as we moved from scene to scene, dodging trains and trying to keep from sliding down dirt embankements. I can't help but note how impressed i was with the coordination of this man as he held and balanced his lighting with the bottom half of his body while steadying his hand with his Nikon for the perfect shot as a train passed. Amazing.

Great shoot with a  talented photographer.

Check out Corey's work at:

Thanks Corey!

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