Ashley + Beans + Harry

I got to do a mini session with Ashley Jonkman a week or so ago and it was a blast. Although we wish we could have included her awesome new husband Brad in these pictures, we did get some with her two new adorable puppies, Beans and Harry. They were actually really cooperative and well behaved, except for when Harry managed to somehow get out of his leash! Oops. Dog treats to the rescue.

Ashley and I have known each other since the 5th grade, but really became best of friends our Junior year of High School when her family moved into the house across the street. Our bedroom windows directly faced eachother and we quickly bonded under the umbrella of Christian teenagers looking to find their place in this world. Ashley was outgoing, confident and had a beautiful voice that made her 'the stuff' in Jazz Madrigal ( the most elite singers in the school... think Glee) I was immediately drawn to this spunky girl and over the next few years we bonded as we hosted new year parties at her house, performed together in Hello Dolly ( after i "stole" her part : ) and laid out in the backyard to get out summer tans on.

Its been 8 years since we celebrated our graduation from Desert Vista High School and since then we have gone through different seasons of friendship as we both went off to our Private Christian Universities in opposite directions on the map.  At times we were very close, experiencing the same guy drama or travel abroad experiences that brought us closer. Other times we went months without talking, and yet even after that time, when her voice did resound on the other end of the line, it was like nothing had changed. -Kindred Spirits-. That's the word that comes closest to describing what we are. Two souls that despite distance and time, *know* each other.

We entered a new phase of life as we both were married in this past year. We stood next to the other, bridesmaid flowers in hand,  as we proclaimed our love and recited our vows to our husbands. And that friendship continues to blossom and grow as the months go on and we find ourselves once again discovering who we are and relating to each other in new ways

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Our life paths seem to have magnets on them, drawing the other closer at different points throughout the last few years. She would happen to be driving through Oklahoma, or I'd be in California near her University. We have these little *ping* moments, where we get to reconnect in person. And it always leaves me wanting for more. Its in these times that we get to really talk, to open up and share our troubles, to call out a look of worry or dig deeper on a topic becuase you can see in the others face that they need to talk about it.

We had the opportunity to connect this past week as she drove through Phoenix from a wedding in Cali. It was so refreshing to be with someone who knows your ins and outs and you them them all the same. The time just flew by as dug deep and asked tough questions. We talked love and relationships, marriage and friends. And I speak for Ashley when i say we both walked away feeling, calmer, grounded and loved.

Plus we got some really cute pictures of her with her puppies! : )

Love this girl and so thankful to have her in my life!

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  1. I didn't even know this was here. I can't add better words to this except to say, the feeling's mutual. I'm gonna be in Phoenix in a couple weeks, maybe we could have a *ping* here or there! Love you sista.