Life sans kids

I've been reading other blogs lately of friends, and people i've never met but seem to have interesting lives, yes creeping. Ever read Kelle Haptoms blog? Never met her but feel like i know her and her girls.  if you haven't read it, you need to.  Girl knows how to live it up and find joy in so much.  Peering into peoples lives from a blogging perspective is really intersting, you get to hear their funny stories, highlights of their day and see pictures of their loved ones. Something struck me the other day while i was reading a post about someones kid who peed on the ground in the shape of a horse.....people with kids have much more interesting blogs. I mean how do you compete with child standing for the first time or this?? You just can't.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="a child we hired to make our lives look interesting.  nah, just messing, its our niece."][/caption]

I actually contemplated getting a move on the kid thing for a second just to make life more interesting and then i realized:

A. wanting kids just for funny stories is bad motivation for bringin life into the world


B. I love this phase of my life, sans kids. 

(if you don't know what sans means but you want to sound cool, use it at a restraunt when you want them to hold the mayo. ex. " id like the Avacado Chicken sandwhich, sans Mayo". You'll sound so fancy.)

Anyway, after talking myself down from joining the baby club without Ricky's input, i stepped back and re-evaluated....

Ricky and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in April, and in that time we've had a few comments on " when you guys gonna get started?". We too have started talking about kids, planning, thinking.... and in those moments where we start picturing our life 2 or 3 years from now, we begin to be thankful for now.

We both do look forward to all the joys  that come along with parenting, the pregnancy, naming a human, giving birth and sharing life with our future kids... we also realize the truths that come with the world of parenting, and the biggest one being the change of it being 'just us'. We have this window, this short little season in our life when it is us, Ricky and Jenn. And there is something deep inside of me that knows i should cherish this time with my husband, that being young, newly married and in love is fleeting. Not the in love part, but the other two : ) I am so blessed to be married to this wonderful soul and feel like I'm still getting to know him for who he is and in the end, us creating deep bonds through travelling, budgeting, cleaning, making a home, fighting, and making up will make us better in the end.

I love this God given season in our life.

Time where we both get home from work at 4ish, make dinner together and talk about our days, plan out our trip to Europe and then spend monday nights cuddled on the couch watching Master Chef followed by Hell's kitchen, making our own commentary on who should be kicked out next.  These days where we realize its 5:55 and if we jump in the car within the next 2 minutes we can race over to AJ's and still make the 1/2 off dessert bar. These moments where we can have both our hands occupied with eachothers as Ricky removes the nail polish from my fingers cause i hate the feel of acetone and cottonballs. So sweet of him. There are times we spontaneously want to go see a movie at 9pm on a work night, and we do it, other times we look at each other as we sit for a few hours just the two of us on our hand-me-down couch, and Ricky will say "You we won't have this amount of uninterrupted together once we have kids?"

and he's right. So i don't want to take this time for granted.

we soak in these times of me almost beating him on our first game of bowling and not having to worry about anyone but the one we said "I Do" to on that beautiful barefoot day on Coronado Island. ( he did win every game by the way, he's a great bowler)

So maybe its not about competing, or having the best story, but instead being content in the story you are currently writing, and each day you have in that season. In a few years our hands will be full of bottles, diaper bags and little bundles and i know when that time comes our home and hearts will open up to greet our little ones with all the attention and love they need... but for now... i like it just us... Ricky and Jenn.


  1. Great post. And you are right, enjoy this time because once it's gone it really is gone. Yes, you open your heart, fall deeply in love with your children and you wouldn't have it any other way. But there is something so special about being "just the two of us." Once you have kids you have to pay someone or beg your family to keep them so you can have even just a couple of hours of "us" time. And even then, your conversations are about them and you feel like you have to rush to get back to pick them up! And you will want to get them because you miss them... having children is incredible. But cherish the sans-kids time because you will never have so much freedom in your life - freedom to do everything YOU want to do and everything together. I miss that part quite often!

  2. thanks leah! we are soaking up this time with just the two of us! : )

  3. "So maybe its not about competing, or having the best story, but instead being content in the story you are currently writing, and each day you have in that season..."

    That's the best part--being content in WHATEVER season you are in, not comparing, contrasting, competing with others, but learning to love and be satisfied with whatever comes your way....Great writing post!

  4. Jenn, it is a difficult question to answer and explain to others when everyone keeps asking when you are going to have kids. Especially since in the Christian society we grew up in that once you get married it is was and still is to some point a given that you will have your fist little one within 2 years. It does make you stop and think. David and I are going on 10years in January and still haven't made the plunge into parenthood. At the same time we haven't been ready and all the good things that come with "sans" kids keep coming and I keep marveling how parents still keep going on with their lives after having kids. Heather and Brandi have it great being stay at home mom's and Heather still has a career on the side but they were both sure of wanting children like we have never been. So yes, cherish this time with your man. If he is half the man I think he is you will make so many funny memories of your own before you have kids that you will be thankful you waited and took this time for you and your new life together and you will have extra fun stories to tell your kids that they will marvel at how cool their parents used to be. Haha Amber

  5. I hear you Amber! Thanks for your insight, you've definitely got to soad in this time with David. We love this time in our marriage. : )

  6. Jenn-I was very moved by your blog. You & Rick are so right for each other and there is no reason to rush into having a family. If you and Rick want time for yourselves then don't worry what others say. Having a baby is a major life changing event and your lives will never be the same. Not that it isn't a good thing! You guys have so much fun together and you will continue to do that when you have children. It will just be a different kind of fun. Take you time and make sure you are both ready. We miss you both very much. Love ya, Aunt Deb.

  7. Thanks Deb! We really are enjoying life at this stage and soaking in the 'us time'. : )

    We just had a great weekend with Ron and Joanne and i know they are looking forward to seeing you guys soon! Wish we were coming out this year too. Enjoy!