The Nelmons | Family Photo Session

What do haboobs, firetrucks and golf courses all have in common?

They were all a part of my last family session with the Neloms family last week! We met at 6:45 and had barely a half hour to shoot before her kids got swept away in the storm wind. Which by the way, when did duststorms suddenly take on the name haboob? I grew up in Arizona, and until this summer, i had never heard the term haboob despite many seasons of orange painted skies.

Anyway! I knew right away I was going to like the Neloms family as Missy  strolled up with little Isaiah wrapped snug in her arm and Keith followed behind with Uriah holding a bright red firetruck as big as he was. They had this easygoing presence that just left me with a great feeling that this was going to be an awesome shoot.

Boy was I right. This family was so easy to capture and the boys were so playful! Despite the fact that we had to cut our session a little short, we got great smiles and lots of love from this family of four. Isaiah recently turned 1 and you can  see the little laughs and abundant smiles he had when he was around his momma. So adorable.

Uriah was seriously one of the funniest little boys! His energy was contagious and he made me regret that my babysitting days are over! : ) His energy led him to voluntarily jumped down flights of stairs and you can tell this little man is going to do great things in life with all that energy!

We finished just as dusty winds came billowing over the mountains in the south and ended our session on a great note! Thank you Neloms for letting me capture moments of your family where they are in this stage! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Until next time.

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