Cora Clark: 6months!

What fun milestones to celebrate as little ones begin to show expression, love and their cute personalities. I had the opportunity to photograph the Clark family and celebrate six months of life for little Cora! She was so full of smiles! So amazing to see the tight bonds that have formed already between daughter and her parents.

As Jill and i were planning this session, she had an idea to include the cloth diapers she uses. i loved the idea! Anything to show off and incorporate things unique to a family is always so much fun and makes it personal. Jill had the thought to have Cora in this adorable basket surrounded by the cloth diapers, well as soon as we put her in it, you could tell she was just looking at her mom, like " wait a second... what IS this"... and then shortly followed by, " GET ME OUT OF HERE!" haha. We tried our best but Cora just wasn't having it!

Good thing we got a lot of other adorable shots of her doing tummy time and locked tight in her parents arms.

One cute thing this specail to this family is " the pinky". Anytime Cora got a little fussy ( which was very rare) all Jill had to do was say the word pinky and Cora immediatley calmed. This word was of course followed by a finger in the mouth and a soothing parent nearby as well : )  It was the only thing that was an immediate fix and clearly a comfort to have her momma at hand... literally : ) Love the little phases.

So much fun with this family! Happy 6 months of life here on earth Cora!

Cute bow in this picture provided by Tiny Acorns Check them out!

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