Spencer and Sasha, Scottsdale Engagement Session

Within twelve seconds of pulling out my camera after greeting Sasha and Spencer at their engagement session we were already in what I like to call "The Comfort Zone". 
At any given shoot it typically takes human beings about 5-8 minutes to warm up. To get used to being in front of the camera, to shake off those nervous smiles and replace them with genuine happiness. 

Holy moly, from the very first shutter click, it was like they'd been practicing for years! They were absolutely so natural with each other from the get go I couldn't' help but laugh along with them. These two clearly have a deep connection because it came across so clearly in their photos. We walked and talked about their story, (her ring is to die for!) and as we went we snapped! It was a dream of a time and I can only imagine their wedding day will be as well! 
Sasha and Spencer I am so happy you guys found your soul mates! You are beautiful people and I hope the wedding day is full of laughter love, and lots of great dance moves! : ) 

All my best, Jenn 

Ps: I love the story of their proposal! 

“For our proposal I planned 3 months of events that had 10 cards, each had a special place to go on a date or something meaningful in our relationship. After the 10 cards were over, I planned the next weekend with the help of my parents to decorate the whole house with flowers and beautiful candles to propose on our anniversary date.  She walked in to flowers, candles, balloons and romantic music before she finally saw a big sign that said, “Will you marry me?” After getting down on one knee, she said, “Yes!” - Spencer
“ The thing I am looking forward to the most about our wedding day is dancing and bringing a mariachi to serenade Sasha.” - Spencer
One of my favorite things about Sasha is that she is a sweet and generous person. She loves helping kids, friends, and family. And she is always happy to be around me.” - Spencer
 “We met at a latin club dancing. We danced all night together, had an amazing night, then parted ways without exchanging numbers.  We met again in the same spot about 6 months later and he was determined to take me on a date so I finally accepted.  It wasn’t love at first sight and neither of us were looking for anything serious, but as time went on, we’ve come to believe that it is forces beyond us that brought us together and kept us together.  We believe we are the true definition of soulmates.” - Sasha
“Our first kiss was on the night we first met… completely out of the ordinary for me but he was so smooth with his sexy latin dancing that I couldn’t resist when he made the first move in for a kiss!”- Sasha
“I’m not sure when I first knew that I loved Spencer… it all developed rather slowly but suddenly at the same time.” - Sasha

Thank you guys for letting me capture your love!

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