Phoenix Arizona, Engagement Session - Derek and Jenna!

It was just before the temperatures dropped here in AZ, when Derek and Jenna took their engagment photos! Shannon our amazing associate met them and they warmed up instantly to each other and the camera! They are getting married at the beautiful Ahwatukee Golf Course in April and we are so excited for them! They have such a sweet story and are so in love! We are looking so forward to their wedding day! But first, here is a little bit about our sweet couple, their story and their love for each other! 

“I had an inclination that he was going to purpose when we went to Vegas a few months ago. We had talked about getting married and I showed him the kind of rings I liked before hand, but he was acting weird the whole way to Vegas. When we got there, he told me to get ready for dinner and that where we were going was a surprise. He wouldn't tell me anything. After a half hour drive, we ended up at a small airport with helicopters taking off and landing. The surprise was a sunset tour of the Vegas strip. It was amazing! When we landed, I was so excited about being in a helicopter that it totally caught me off guard when he went down on one knee and proposed! Super sweet :)” - Jenna
I'm looking forward to a lot. I want to see how beautiful she is going to be in her dress. Celebrating with friends and family will be fun, and also just making it official and becoming husband and wife. Then I'll know it's real and she's stuck with me! ” - Derek

"I knew he was special when I first met him. There was something about him that intrigued me. A few months after we started dating, we went to a county concert and had a blast. The night took a turn for the worse after I accidentally fell and broke my jaw. After being in the hospital and having surgery, I saw how much he genuinely cared about me and how he would do anything to make me feel better. While he was working in the hospital, he would come down to see me and make sure I was doing well. His compassion and love shined through at that moment in our relationship and that's when I knew I loved him for good."- Jenna

“On our first actual date, we had dinner and then went to Gilligan's to have drinks and play bar games. Derek challenged me to a game of big Jenga and when I lost, I had to kiss him. So, I made the first move!”- Jenna
“It took a little while for us to say the "L" word. I think we both knew it right away (at least I did) but we were trying to "play it cool". It was definitely several months in and I said it first. We were in New York City, checking out the city during the holidays and had an awesome time. I couldn't hold out any longer and had to say it. I had secretly planned a horse and carriage ride through central park (she was surprised and loved it) and then we went to an amazing pizza place. I have to brag about that one a little, it was pretty good ;-) ” - Derek

“What do I love about Jenna? Everything! She's absolutely amazing. She's such an awesome combination of genuine kindness, smart, funny and beautiful. I honestly didn't know someone like her existed. My absolute favorite thing though is when she's laughing and smiling. She's such a naturally beautiful person and her laughter really brings it out (especially when she's using her very bad attempt at an English accent, haha).” - Derek
Jenna and Derek we are so excited for you guys! We cannot wait to be a part of capturing the best day of your lives! See you soon!
Shannon Jenn, and the studio girls!

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